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The top five things that bother me January 28, 2010

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1. People who are full of them selves. Maybe I can be sometimes, but some people are way too hot headed.

2.When people cuss. There are other words you can express when you are mad or happy that aren’t bad. Like ‘dang it’ in stead of…well you know what I mean.

3.When a girl and boy are dating and they don’t even like each other. It mostly happens in elementary or middle school. But still, it’s so annoying.

4.When you go to a restaurant and the prices are way to high. If they want to make money, then they should make the prices reasonable.

5. When you order a happy meal and they forget to put the toy in it. No, I’m just kidding. But I don’t like it when they forget to give you something you ordered.


Creative Writing January 13, 2010

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Mr. Heinz made us write a story…again. But don’t tell him, I deleted the last story.

There once was a boy named Ian. He was very competitive in sports. The sport Ian did was Ice Skating. He always won competitions and he never was happy to win. He was always so serious. One day Ian went to the ice skating rink to practice with his partner, Amy. Ian yelled at his partner and Amy left and said she would not come back. Then, Ian started skating around for 3 hours straight. While he was skating, Ian fell down on the ice while doing a twirl and lay there until Amy came back and screamed when she saw Ian.


Class Review January 12, 2010

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Okay, so our teacher made us give a review on our blog. So we learned how to make a wiki and it was kind of boring. I haven’t been to my blog in a long time. We had a free day and we got to watch Elf. ( It was right before winter break so we had a Christmas feeling.) Anyway I did do my Wiki pretty well, but I could have done a little better on it. I enjoyed being at the table with Taylor, Ian, Ramiz, and Emad though. We always goofed off. I could have payed a little more attention, but you got to go through life laughing and having fun. I know, I can be deep. I would like to see us do our blogs more often then our wikis. Wikis don’t give you a lot of cool options like wordpress does. But so far, the class is okay. But if none of my friends were in the class, I would be changing classes by now. Well no I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t like the class as much. 🙂


The Blind Side December 7, 2009

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This is a review of The movie ‘The Blind Side’

This movie was amazing. It’s about an African American boy, named Michael Ore, who is homeless and is taken in by a mom, Leigh Anne Tuwey. After that, he gets his grades up and makes it on the high school football team. Then, he gets a scholarship to Ole Miss and gets drafted into the NFL. This is an uplifting movie. It is in theaters now.